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New toy :)

Photos are going to be really important while I’m away – they’ll be the only way I can prove I actually cycled all that way! I decided a while ago to indulge in a DSLR camera (Nikon D5100) and have … Continue reading

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Putting things in perspective

I visited the Crumlin Children’s Hospital on Monday 8th of July. ┬áTalk about a wake up call. I’ll start by stating this: I have it good. Most people I know have it good. I’m healthy, I had a reasonably care-free … Continue reading

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Getting the balance right…in my brakes!

So last week Aoibhinn had a bit of a topple on her bike – resulting in a seriously fractured and dislocated wrist on her right arm and a small fracture in her left arm. So essentially two broken arms! She … Continue reading

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Cycling in Iran

Pretty much every time I tell someone of my plans to cycle to Beijing, the first thing they say after “Are you mental?” and I tell them the route, they say “Is Iran not, eh….seriously dodgy?!!!” To be honest, I … Continue reading

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