Final gadgets sorted

The final thing I feel I need out of all the gear I’ve bought for the trip is an external microphone for the GoPro. The internal one sucks when it’s in the case, which is no use to me when I’m cycling, so I bought a little T shaped stereo mic for €45 (a bit steep I’ll admit, but not that much more than on Amazon/eBay and I bought in a local shop). Coupled with the GoPro mic cable (a whopping €25 because the clever folks at GoPro use a 10 pin USB jack rather than the standard 5 pin) and I’ve a tidy little setup. I had to drill a hole in the case so it’s no longer waterproof, but I don’t think it’s a huge problem as I don’t intend on using it much in the rain or submersing it in water.

There are other blogs out there that go through DIY methods of doing this, and I tried a couple of them but couldn’t get it to work. I then also tried the cheap method of getting a non-genuine cable from eBay. Nope. Losing my patience with eBay sellers lately. So much rubbish out there. Moral of the story, it costs more, but saves time and money in the long run to get the official parts.

Below are some shots of the mic fitted and the hole I drilled.  It works really well. I recorded a video cycling through town last night but my stupid computer keeps crashing when I try to take it off the SD card.

Not long to go now! 🙂


You can see a couple of flakes of drilled plastic inside the case. I’ll clean it out later on.


I’m sure the hole could have been neater, but I’m not fussed. Once it works well.


The Mic sits neatly to the side. I had to trim off the moulding on the usb connector to make it fit, hence the insulation tape.


Some duct tape holds the mic in place. No need for anything stronger.

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3 Responses to Final gadgets sorted

  1. Donal says:

    Awesome stuff Steveo

  2. Paddy says:

    Hi Stephen, be sure to have a relaxing Christmas. Let us all know your departure details so that we can give you a big send-off and an opportunity to throw in a few extra quid.

  3. John says:


    the Irish “Sugru” product might be worth looking into to waterproof your go-pro once again.
    Here are some waterproofing applications:
    And, coincidentally, some gopro applications:

    Stockists are here:

    Good luck either way!


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