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Romania, so long, farewell. I won’t be back.

June 2014: 5500km after I wrote this post, I’ve reflected a lot on my experience in Romania. I’ve cycled through Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan in that time. In all of those countries I have not experienced dangerous dog situations … Continue reading

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Istanbul, here I come!

Having spent the past two days in Belgrade in Serbia, I’m feeling refreshed and ready to go again. Although today I realised I lost my bank card so that’s a small spanner in the works. Thankfully I’ve a backup credit … Continue reading

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Hungary, Serbia and Croatia: The Danube Bike Track (Sort of)

Today I entered my 11th and 12th countries (Serbia and Croatia respectively). I hit the 2500km mark and the thermometer hit a balmy 16 degrees! Sure how could I complain? There’s not a lot of detail around the Danube Bike … Continue reading

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To Belgrade and Beyond!

Total so far: 2,250km I’ve had a nice couple of days off in Budapest. Whoever wrote this article about Budapest being dead on Sundays has it completely wrong – I found the city to be hopping yesterday and I managed … Continue reading

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Latest Video: Germany and Austria

Shorter video this time – just some footage of the Luxembourg – Vienna route, approx 1200km. Some good weather and some fairly cold stuff too. Very little of my dull chatter this time too 🙂

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And the prize goes to…

I’ve made it to Vienna, hit the 2000km mark, or about 15% of the journey done. Although I’m a bit behind, my fitness is improving and I’m settling into the routine. Since my last post my ankle has much improved, although … Continue reading

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Into Country Number 8: Austria

Total cycled: 1800km or so. I’ve managed to make it to my 8th country, Austria, which I’m pretty happy about. I left Munich 3 days ago and have made steady 100km per day progress. I even camped in some bushes … Continue reading

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Onwards to Budapest

After three days’ rest between Munich and Mayrhofen I’m heading to Austria, Slovakia and ultimately Hungary where I’ll finish my next stint on the bike in Budapest. I’m excited about this part of the route as I’ll be following rivers … Continue reading

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New Video: Europe Part I

Second video is finally uploaded. No funny randomers this time unfortunately. This video only covers up until Luxembourg. I’ll get working on the next video this week.

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Germany: A cyclist’s paradise, kind of.

This is a long one – sorry in advance! I’ve been on the road again for the past six days, having left Luxembourg city on Tuesday morning. Day 1: Luxembourg to Saarbruecken (100km): Tuesday was uneventful from a cycling point … Continue reading

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