Onwards to Budapest

After three days’ rest between Munich and Mayrhofen I’m heading to Austria, Slovakia and ultimately Hungary where I’ll finish my next stint on the bike in Budapest. I’m excited about this part of the route as I’ll be following rivers the entire time making the terrain very consistent and easier on my knee. Coupled with improving fitness, I should find the going much easier than before. I’m hoping to cover 100-120km per day, although depending on the segment of the route that could be higher or lower. I believe it is about 800km to Budapest from Munich so I should arrive next Friday and possibly even next Thursday. This is ideal as I haven’t arrived in an interesting city before the weekend yet, so if I get my timing right I should be well positioned for some craic in Budapest.

The Danube runs from Passau to Budapest and on to the Black Sea. I'll follow the Isar river as far as Deggendorf then join the Danube.

The Danube runs from Passau to Budapest and on to the Black Sea. I’ll follow the Isar river as far as Deggendorf then join the Danube.

I suppose this marks the end of Western Europe and from Vienna onwards I’m into Eastern Europe. New currencies, new languages and new cultures. This should be interesting! Overall I’m feeling optimistic, excited and a bit nervous.

Weather is my main concern – there are no updates on the weather in Serbia so I’ve no idea of what to expect after Budapest, but I’ll worry about that in a week. For now it’s time to wash my smelly clothes and enjoy the rest of the evening.

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3 Responses to Onwards to Budapest

  1. peter o'reilly says:

    Stevo, I’ve been following your journey all the way and I have been very impressed by your endurance and your good humour throughout. I used to cycle a lot and know the difficulties involved but I have never taken on a journey as epic as yours – very few have! But I do understand your daily effort. you’re a modern hero. I’m working on raising money in my school for your cause, telling the staff of your progress each week and hopefully raising interest in your adventure. Take care.

    • Peter,

      Thanks for the kind words and raising money. I greatly appreciate it.

      Dunno if I’m a modern hero but your compliment certainly encourages me! Hopefully I can do it justice.

      Keep in touch and if I can do anything to help the fundraising let me know.


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