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Passport, Hotel…Passport, Hotel…Passport, Hotel

Passport, Hotel…Passport, Hotel…Passport, Hotel. I’ll come back to that later. So I’ve made it to Osh in Kyrgyzstan after cycling 450km from Tashkent in Uzbekistan. What a crazy couple of weeks it has been. In 13 days, I’ve crossed the … Continue reading

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Desert Delirium Part II

Mosquito bites, bites from other insects, serious chafing, saddle sores, cuts, bruises, food poisoning and an overall feeling of being battered and bashed summarise the condition of my body after blazing through the searing heat of the second desert of … Continue reading

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Desert Delirium: Kazakhstan

  Wow. What an adventure the past 5.5 days have been. “Adventure” is one way of putting it I suppose. Other words I’d use to describe the 490km across the Kazakh Steppe could be “survival”, “endurance”, “suffering”, and …..”WIND”. Maybe … Continue reading

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Irish Sea to the Caspian Sea: 4 Months on the Road

After two months on the road I arrived in Istanbul and wrote reflections on those two months. It seems fitting that I do the same another two months down the road, and crucially, past the halfway mark in terms of … Continue reading

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Tbilisi to Baku: Salam!

After two weeks in Tbilisi waiting for replacement rims, I was finally on my way again. I can’t express the frustration I felt in those two weeks. Before I start ranting, I have to express my gratitude to Lado at … Continue reading

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