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Beijing Bound: The final stretch

I’ve arrived in Beijing. Hard to believe I’ve cycled from Dublin all the way to the far side of China. I won’t delve into that right now but will cover the final 1000km from Jingbian to Beijing where I passed … Continue reading

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Nearly There….

I expected to just have one more post on the route to Beijing, but an unplanned day off has given me time to write about the latest 600km. After seven days trying to get our visas extended, James and I … Continue reading

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Lanzhou Limbo

I’m currently in Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu province. The past week has been unexpected to say the least. I’ll cover the short bit of cycling and then explain the visa situation. I’ve gone from my saddle being a pain … Continue reading

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Halfway across China

I’m now about halfway through China! We’ve seriously put in the miles early on to get to this point so quickly but it hasn’t been easy! Having survived the misery of a few days of horrendous headwinds, it was a … Continue reading

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Desert and the Devil’s Breath

Since Urumqi, I’ve cycled 1100km. Quite a long way without a blog update, but due to the tight visa schedule and lack of decent WiFi once again I’ve had to cram it all into this mega blog. Grab a cup … Continue reading

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I’ve Cycled to China

Apologies, this update is a bit late as I’ve had no decent WiFi for the past week. I actually wrote this in Urumqi, but couldn’t get the photos to upload. Another post to follow shortly on the past week. I’ve … Continue reading

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Reflections on Six Months on the Road

Well, it’s the 5th of July. I left Dublin on the 5th of January. In that time I’ve cycled 9700km, through 21 countries, eaten a couple of hundred snickers bars, drank 100s of litres of Pepsi, Chai, and Coffee, had … Continue reading

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China, here I come!

In my last post I wrote that I expected to update the blog next in China, but the past few days have been interesting enough to write about and, well, I expect to have plenty to say about China so … Continue reading

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Back on the road again: Bishkek to Almaty

Just 250km of cycling to cover in this update but since I spent so long in Bishkek (2.5 weeks!) I figured I should at least write something about the past few weeks. So Bishkek was a fairly dull affair of … Continue reading

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Lost for words in Kyrgyzstan

I’m a bit stuck on where to start describing the 8 days of cycling from Osh to Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan. One thing is clear: I’ve just passed through the most stunning scenery of the trip by a country mile. Absolutely … Continue reading

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