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Bulgaria into Turkey

After the excitement of arriving in Istanbul last weekend I forgot to post on the route from Bulgaria to Turkey, so without further delay, grab a cup of tea as this is a long one! After the dogs of Romania … Continue reading

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Romania, so long, farewell. I won’t be back.

June 2014: 5500km after I wrote this post, I’ve reflected a lot on my experience in Romania. I’ve cycled through Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan in that time. In all of those countries I have not experienced dangerous dog situations … Continue reading

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Istanbul, here I come!

Having spent the past two days in Belgrade in Serbia, I’m feeling refreshed and ready to go again. Although today I realised I lost my bank card so that’s a small spanner in the works. Thankfully I’ve a backup credit … Continue reading

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Hungary, Serbia and Croatia: The Danube Bike Track (Sort of)

Today I entered my 11th and 12th countries (Serbia and Croatia respectively). I hit the 2500km mark and the thermometer hit a balmy 16 degrees! Sure how could I complain? There’s not a lot of detail around the Danube Bike … Continue reading

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To Belgrade and Beyond!

Total so far: 2,250km I’ve had a nice couple of days off in Budapest. Whoever wrote this article about Budapest being dead on Sundays has it completely wrong – I found the city to be hopping yesterday and I managed … Continue reading

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Latest Video: Germany and Austria

Shorter video this time – just some footage of the Luxembourg – Vienna route, approx 1200km. Some good weather and some fairly cold stuff too. Very little of my dull chatter this time too 🙂

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And the prize goes to…

I’ve made it to Vienna, hit the 2000km mark, or about 15% of the journey done. Although I’m a bit behind, my fitness is improving and I’m settling into the routine. Since my last post my ankle has much improved, although … Continue reading

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