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This is more of a general cycle touring post aimed at anyone interested in this type of thing. Also, I’ve been bored in Luxembourg resting my knee the past few days and have nothing really to write about! This is … Continue reading

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7 Days to go….

On the 5th of January, at 8:45am, I’m setting sail. That’s 7 days from now. One Week until I start on a 16,000km cycling journey. Alone. Jaysus. Admittedly, I’ve been a bit lethargic about the cycle lately. Part of me … Continue reading

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I’m sitting here listening to the radio waiting for my dinner to cook and the DJ is talking about how seeing the Christmas lights going up in town has given a stark reminder that Christmas is fast approaching. This also … Continue reading

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Testing out the Long Haul Trucker

Yesterday I decided to take out the LHT instead of my road bike for a test spin to see how I feel on it. Positive results all round. It’s very comfortable to ride, thanks in no small part to the … Continue reading

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Lost for words. Literally.

I’m rarely lost for words, but today, just 30 minutes ago, my colleagues easily shut my mouth. I was presented with this envelope to help me buy a new bike for the trip. The other one was only stolen last … Continue reading

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F*ckers stole my bike :'(

Well this is a slight bump in my preparations: My bike was stolen from the underground car park some night this week. I was on a business trip in London from Monday to Wednesday so it could have been anytime … Continue reading

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Live Journey Tracking

I read Mark Beaumont’s “The Man Who Cycled the World” last week – a great read and very inspirational in the context of what I’m planning to do. One thing I thought was very cool was the idea of tracking … Continue reading

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Dry Run: Galway to Cavan (Sligo)

So this past weekend (June Bank Holiday), I set off to Galway after work. Just me, the bike, the tent, a camping stove and that’s about it. The idea was to test a few things: Can I last even a … Continue reading

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