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Reflections on Six Months on the Road

Well, it’s the 5th of July. I left Dublin on the 5th of January. In that time I’ve cycled 9700km, through 21 countries, eaten a couple of hundred snickers bars, drank 100s of litres of Pepsi, Chai, and Coffee, had … Continue reading

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Desert Delirium: Kazakhstan

  Wow. What an adventure the past 5.5 days have been. “Adventure” is one way of putting it I suppose. Other words I’d use to describe the 490km across the Kazakh Steppe could be “survival”, “endurance”, “suffering”, and …..”WIND”. Maybe … Continue reading

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Germany: A cyclist’s paradise, kind of.

This is a long one – sorry in advance! I’ve been on the road again for the past six days, having left Luxembourg city on Tuesday morning. Day 1: Luxembourg to Saarbruecken (100km): Tuesday was uneventful from a cycling point … Continue reading

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Introducing Archie

I must apologise. My previous posts have been most selfish. I maintained the impression of being alone, in solitude, constantly seeking my next WiFi connection like a junkie seeking their next high. In reality, I have not been alone. Archibald … Continue reading

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Waterproof shoes you say?

I’m a bit worried about this whole cycling through Europe in the depth of Winter thing. In particular, I’m concerned about keeping my feet warm and dry. I have waterproof SealSkinz socks and overshoes, but persistent rain will get through … Continue reading

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I’m sitting here listening to the radio waiting for my dinner to cook and the DJ is talking about how seeing the Christmas lights going up in town has given a stark reminder that Christmas is fast approaching. This also … Continue reading

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Not So Dry Run

Last night I drove down to Glenmalure in the Wicklow mountains after work as I’m doing a reunion cycle with Cycle Against Suicide this morning in nearby Glendalough. I figured this would be a good opportunity to test the camping … Continue reading

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Random Encounter Near Dublin Port

So I was out on a fairly mundane training cycle tonight, bopping away along East Wall when I spot a heavily loaded touring bike with an Asian lad standing beside it. Meet Jamie, from South Korea. Guess how he got … Continue reading

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16000km on this brute

Well I just collected my shiny new bike that’s supposed to take me 16000km from Dublin to Beijing. It certainly looks up to the task!  Here she is: Name is yet undecided! So why did I choose this particular model?  … Continue reading

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Table Quiz: 2nd of October 2013

Hello all! It’s been a couple of quiet weeks on the blog. I’ve been busy sorting out my first fundraising event! You can buy tickets here: On Wednesday 2nd of October I’ll have an AMAZINGLY FUN Table Quiz at Dandelion Bar on Stephen’s Green. … Continue reading

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