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Beijing Bound: The final stretch

I’ve arrived in Beijing. Hard to believe I’ve cycled from Dublin all the way to the far side of China. I won’t delve into that right now but will cover the final 1000km from Jingbian to Beijing where I passed … Continue reading

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Nearly There….

I expected to just have one more post on the route to Beijing, but an unplanned day off has given me time to write about the latest 600km. After seven days trying to get our visas extended, James and I … Continue reading

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Desert and the Devil’s Breath

Since Urumqi, I’ve cycled 1100km. Quite a long way without a blog update, but due to the tight visa schedule and lack of decent WiFi once again I’ve had to cram it all into this mega blog. Grab a cup … Continue reading

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Latest Video: Vienna to Istanbul

Latest video is up now. Took an age to upload on this dodgy connection. Hope it’s enjoyed!  

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Off the bike in Istanbul – an interesting few days

Istanbul has been a long break from the bike. Probably too long at two full weeks when I eventually leave, but a break from cycling was needed, trip admin needed to be done, rugby was to be watched and Paddy’s … Continue reading

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Leg One Done: Reflections on Two Months on the Road

I’ve made it to Istanbul. My first big target, the end of Europe and over a quarter of the trip is done. In many ways, these first two months have been possibly the hardest, but in many other respects they … Continue reading

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Istanbul, here I come!

Having spent the past two days in Belgrade in Serbia, I’m feeling refreshed and ready to go again. Although today I realised I lost my bank card so that’s a small spanner in the works. Thankfully I’ve a backup credit … Continue reading

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Hungary, Serbia and Croatia: The Danube Bike Track (Sort of)

Today I entered my 11th and 12th countries (Serbia and Croatia respectively). I hit the 2500km mark and the thermometer hit a balmy 16 degrees! Sure how could I complain? There’s not a lot of detail around the Danube Bike … Continue reading

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To Belgrade and Beyond!

Total so far: 2,250km I’ve had a nice couple of days off in Budapest. Whoever wrote this article about Budapest being dead on Sundays has it completely wrong – I found the city to be hopping yesterday and I managed … Continue reading

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On the road again

After a fairly fantastic weekend in London, on Tuesday the bike beckoned me to resume churning the pedals and inching my way towards Beijing. Having had my ass served to me last week by the weather in Wales, I decided … Continue reading

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