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Lost for words in Kyrgyzstan

I’m a bit stuck on where to start describing the 8 days of cycling from Osh to Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan. One thing is clear: I’ve just passed through the most stunning scenery of the trip by a country mile. Absolutely … Continue reading

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Passport, Hotel…Passport, Hotel…Passport, Hotel

Passport, Hotel…Passport, Hotel…Passport, Hotel. I’ll come back to that later. So I’ve made it to Osh in Kyrgyzstan after cycling 450km from Tashkent in Uzbekistan. What a crazy couple of weeks it has been. In 13 days, I’ve crossed the … Continue reading

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Awwww….Fwweeennnndddd! Batumi to Tbilisi

For those who have not seen The Inbetweeners (for shame, go watch it), “Awwwww…..Fwwweeeennnnndddd!!!” is a line from that show. Anyway, it’s a good summation of the 400 or so kilometres from Batumi to Tbilisi in Georgia. “That road is … Continue reading

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Latest Video: Vienna to Istanbul

Latest video is up now. Took an age to upload on this dodgy connection. Hope it’s enjoyed!  

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7 Days to go….

On the 5th of January, at 8:45am, I’m setting sail. That’s 7 days from now. One Week until I start on a 16,000km cycling journey. Alone. Jaysus. Admittedly, I’ve been a bit lethargic about the cycle lately. Part of me … Continue reading

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Waterproof shoes you say?

I’m a bit worried about this whole cycling through Europe in the depth of Winter thing. In particular, I’m concerned about keeping my feet warm and dry. I have waterproof SealSkinz socks and overshoes, but persistent rain will get through … Continue reading

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Getting the balance right…in my brakes!

So last week Aoibhinn had a bit of a topple on her bike – resulting in a seriously fractured and dislocated wrist on her right arm and a small fracture in her left arm. So essentially two broken arms! She … Continue reading

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Cycling in Iran

Pretty much every time I tell someone of my plans to cycle to Beijing, the first thing they say after “Are you mental?” and I tell them the route, they say “Is Iran not, eh….seriously dodgy?!!!” To be honest, I … Continue reading

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Live Journey Tracking

I read Mark Beaumont’s “The Man Who Cycled the World” last week – a great read and very inspirational in the context of what I’m planning to do. One thing I thought was very cool was the idea of tracking … Continue reading

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