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Lost for words in Kyrgyzstan

I’m a bit stuck on where to start describing the 8 days of cycling from Osh to Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan. One thing is clear: I’ve just passed through the most stunning scenery of the trip by a country mile. Absolutely … Continue reading

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Turkey: Güle Güle, Georgia: Gamarjoba!

Distance so far: 5150km Distance in Turkey: 1600km Number of days in Turkey: 32 Number of cups of Cay in Turkey: 53,127 Number of times I said “Merhaba”: 1.2m Number of times asked “Where are you from?”: 1.5m Güle Güle … Continue reading

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Leg One Done: Reflections on Two Months on the Road

I’ve made it to Istanbul. My first big target, the end of Europe and over a quarter of the trip is done. In many ways, these first two months have been possibly the hardest, but in many other respects they … Continue reading

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Istanbul, here I come!

Having spent the past two days in Belgrade in Serbia, I’m feeling refreshed and ready to go again. Although today I realised I lost my bank card so that’s a small spanner in the works. Thankfully I’ve a backup credit … Continue reading

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And the prize goes to…

I’ve made it to Vienna, hit the 2000km mark, or about 15% of the journey done. Although I’m a bit behind, my fitness is improving and I’m settling into the routine. Since my last post my ankle has much improved, although … Continue reading

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On the road again

After a fairly fantastic weekend in London, on Tuesday the bike beckoned me to resume churning the pedals and inching my way towards Beijing. Having had my ass served to me last week by the weather in Wales, I decided … Continue reading

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Week 1: Wales & England – A Rough Start

I’ve updated Facebook and Twitter already, but wanted to do something more thorough on the blog so waited until I had enough time to write it. I’m in a hostel in London having arrived late in the afternoon yesterday. Unfortunately … Continue reading

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7 Days to go….

On the 5th of January, at 8:45am, I’m setting sail. That’s 7 days from now. One Week until I start on a 16,000km cycling journey. Alone. Jaysus. Admittedly, I’ve been a bit lethargic about the cycle lately. Part of me … Continue reading

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And the winner is…

Huge thanks to the generous donations in November. Another €750 was raised via the PayPal donations and €300 through sponsorship cards and other offline donations, so a very successful month of fundraising. It was a close race, but Scott Field … Continue reading

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16000km on this brute

Well I just collected my shiny new bike that’s supposed to take me 16000km from Dublin to Beijing. It certainly looks up to the task!  Here she is: Name is yet undecided! So why did I choose this particular model?  … Continue reading

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