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In May 2013 I met with Gerry Cully, Senior Manager of Community Fundraising at CMRF. Gerry came for coffee in my office in Google in Dublin and was simply blown away by how amazing the place is to work in, and he isn’t wrong. Google is truly an impressive place to work – we’re given the best of the best, comfortable surroundings and a generally lovely environment to work in. It struck me that not only was Gerry astounded by the place, but I had become so accustomed to the luxuries that I took it to be “the norm”!

To bring me back to planet Earth, Gerry agreed to bring me into the hospital for a walk around to see just what the real world is like. So on the 2nd of July I shall be taken for a tour of the hospital to meet some staff and possibly some patients.

I’d really love to be able to fill this page with in-depth knowledge of the workings of the charity, but I think it’s far better to link to their homepage where there is a wealth of information.

More to come on this page after July 2nd!

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